"A group of young Catholic men came to my Kalyvi [monastic hut]. They were very eager and interested to learn more about Orthodoxy. 'Please tell us something that will help us spiritually,' they said. 'Look,' I replied, 'go and take a look at Church History and you will see how in the past we were united and then you took your own way and ended up where you are. Do this and you will be helped. When you are done, come back and we'll have plenty to talk about."

      —Elder Paisios the Athonite (+1994), from With Pain and Love for Contemporary Man, p. 384.


History and Doctrine

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Recommended Books

  • The Law of God, compiled by Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy. This text has become a twentieth-century classic, serving as the chief catechetical text in most Russian Orthodox parishes. It provides basic instruction in all essential matters of the Orthodox Faith, as well as commentary on all key passages of the Old and New Testaments.


  • Orthodox Dogmatic Theology by Fr. Michael Pomazansky. It is indispensable. For a highly favorable and scholarly review of this exceptional work see The Greek Orthodox Theological Review, 32, 1-2, 1986.

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